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Become a Real Estate Agent

Interested in a career in Real Estate?

Is the idea of a 9 to 5 not appealing to to you anymore? Are you frustrated with your stagnant income level? Is the idea of being your own boss something you only dream of? These are only some of the reasons why people choose a career in Real Estate. Ask us how to become a real estate agent in the state of Maryland.

Need information on how to obtain your Real Estate License?

Be Your Own Boss

Most agents are considered independent contractors. They set their own work schedules, develop their client base, marketing methods, and grow their business on their own.

Growth is up to you!

There are no limits for growth of your real estate business. Couple a good attitude with a superior work ethic and you can realize fantastic rewards. You’ll need to incorporate good business skills and develop marketing methods. It’s all in your hands.

Build Relationships

It’s a huge benefit of this business to be able to gain future business from past clients. We aim to build relationships with all of our clients. You’ll see great results later.

Make Your Own Schedule

You’re in charge of your business and your time off. Taking time off is key, but not always easy to do. Make your schedule work for you!

Income Potential

This industry can be difficult. If you work hard, network, build relationships, the sky is the limit. Your income is only dependant on your work ethic.

Live a Life Worth Living

Create a business that caters to your life style and growth potential. Take time off, go on vacation, spend time with the family. Enough said!

How to Become a Real Estate Agent in Maryland

Requirements for a Maryland Real Estate License


  • Be of good character and reputation. Prior offenses may hinder your ability to obtain a license.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Successfully complete a 60 hour basic real estate course approved by the Maryland Real Estate Commission.

These requirements are appointed by the DLLR and General Assembly of Maryland.

Pre-licensing Course


The first step in obtaining your Maryland real estate license is attending a 60 hour pre-licensing course. The Maryland Real Estate Commission requires that every real estate licensee take a classroom program titled Principles & Practices of Real Estate. The course outlines all the technical aspects of real estate math, law, and theory. The Pre-Licensing course can be completed in several different ways to accomidate your schedule; online, standard Monday thru Friday classes, or evening classes. The going rate for a Pre-Licensing course is approximately $200. This differs at every location, but materials included are the two following books; Modern Real Estate Practice & Maryland Real Estate Practice and Law.

To find out more information on Pre-Licensing classes, to obtain your Maryland Real Estate License, please visit the DLLR list of approved education providers. To take an online pre-licensing course, please visit Frederick Academy to get started. They offer pre-licensing courses, CE courses (continuing education), as well as broker licensing courses. If you are looking to obtain your license in one of the following states, they can help you with that as well! Frederick Academy offers pre-licensing courses for Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and Washington D.C.

Many brokerages such as Long and Foster and Coldwell Banker offer the Pre-Licensing exams at locations around the state of Maryland. These classes are held at brokerages of theirs around the state in hopes that you affiliate with their brokerage following the Maryland Real Estate Licensing Exam. You can choose to affiliate with them or inquire at other brokerages to see who fits your style and personality.

Looking for a brokerage to affiliate with?

Maryland Real Estate Licensing Exam


The Maryland Real Estate licensing exam consists of two portions. Both the National and Maryland State sections must be passed with at least a 70% completion rate. If only one section is passed, you have up to one year to complete and pass the other section. You will only need to pass the section that you did not successfully complete.

Testing is conducted by PSI Examination Services. PSI has locations through out the state of Maryland and you will need to schedule an appointment with PSI to take your exam. The Real Estate licensing exam has a two hour time limit and is taken using a provided computer at the location. Results are provided directly after completion of the test. PSI also offers a Real Estate Licensing Practice Exam for those looking to experience what the exam is like before taking the actual exam.

It is very common for applicants to fail on the first and even second time taking the exam. Don’t get discouraged from this. As stated earlier, you have one year from the date of taking the exam to complete and pass the section or sections you did not pass. If you happen to pass on the first go around, Congratulations! The next step is to apply for your Maryland Real Estate Salesperson license. This is completed by going to the DLLR (Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation) website and clicking on “Licensing Applications” and select “Apply for an Original License”.

Applicants must apply for their Maryland Real Estate license within one year of passing the Maryland Real Estate Licensing Exam. If you fail to affiliate with a brokerage within that one year time period, you will be required to retake the exam.

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