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Selling A Home in the Spring Real Estate Market

Julia goes over her tips for selling a home in the spring real estate market. Make your home list ready this spring to maximize your home’s value. Don’t expect buyers to look over the smaller details of your home. Just because the spring season is the hottest time in the Real Estate market, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t prepare yourself.

Should Sellers pay for a Pre-listing Home Inspection?

A pre inspection of your home can help you address issues that you may not otherwise know exist. And it helps you address them before the home buyer’s inspector finds it. What better way to go into the sale of your home, knowing that there are no issues present. It gives you, the seller, piece of mind and also makes the buyer feel comfortable knowing that the property had been inspected prior to listing on the MLS.

Curb Appeal of Your Home

Updating the interior of your home can bring a lot of potential home buyers through the door when selling a home. But don’t forget about the exterior! Make your home appealing to potential home buyers, upon first site. If that means laying new mulch, keeping the grass cut short, planting flowers, etc. You only have one time to really make an impact on potential home buyers. We’re not taking away from the impact that renovations to the interior of the home make. But you also have to consider what buyers look at first, and that’s the exterior.

Neutral Color Pallete

Everyone loves their own style. However your tastes and choices of furniture or paint colors may really differ from others. This may even effect the way potential home buyers perceive your home. To remedy this, take some time and invest in a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colors such as tans or grays have really been a staple of the real estate market as of late. These colors appeal to a wider range of home buyers.

Decluttering and Depersonalizing

Decluttering and depersonalizing your space allows potential home buyers to picture themselves living in the home.  Take the time to take down personal item such as pictures and personal items. Put the children’s and pet’s toys away. No one wants to step on a squeaky toy or that infamous lego that is always laying around. It isn’t always easy or fun, but taking these necessary steps allows prospective home buyers to see the home in its best environment and makes selling a home a smoother process.

Listen to the Feedback from Showings

Receiving feedback from agents showing your home, can be some of the most important information we receive. Potential home buyers tend to be some of the most honest and outspoken people out their. It’s important to take their feedback into consideration. If you hear the same comments being said again and again, we will want to discuss a plan of action to remedy the issue. The feedback we receive from other agents is extremely important and invaluable, because it’s what the buyer’s are thinking! By remediating those issues, you will find that your home will sell a lot faster.

Have a Marketing Strategy

Is your Real Estate professional providing professional photography as part of their commission? Have you ever seen the photos on Zillow or Trulia with the half naked guy taking a picture of his bathroom. Yeah, we all have! It doesn’t help with the overall presentation of your home. Professional photography creates that initial WOW factor to potential home buyers. If your agent is not providing them or they say that their iPhone or Galaxy device takes just as good of photos, red flags should be popping up.

Is your Real Estate professional promoting and advertising your home? Or are they just taking photos and listing on the MLS? Do they have a presence on social media? Are they in contact with other real estate professionals who may have buyers looking for your particular home? You want to make sure they have a plan of action to market your home to potential home buyers.

Have a Pricing Strategy

Having a strategy to price your property aggressively is one of the most important things to focus on in selling a home. You and your real estate professional must be informed on what is current in your community, neighborhood, sub-division, and surrounding areas. The last thing you want is to price your home too high and watch it sit on the market.

Pricing ahead of the market can make your house sit. The first two weeks your home is listed are the most important. During the first two weeks, your property is new and fresh to potential home buyers. After that inital two week period, it creates a stigma to buyers. Is there something wrong with the house? Is it priced too high? No one wants their home sitting on market for an extended period of time. If you aren’t getting any showings on your home, it’s probably becuase it’s priced too high! Have that discussion with your real estate professional.

If you price the property right, you will have a higher number of showings. Lots of interest in a property can turn into a great situation for a seller. A multiple offer situation can occur which drives the price up. Who wouldn’t want more for their property than what they listed it for? Price your home based on the current condition, not what it could be. Be reasonable and don’t let your emotional attachment be the deciding factor. Listen to your Real Estate professional and take their advice!

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Selling Your Home in the Spring Real Estate Market
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Selling Your Home in the Spring Real Estate Market
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