Social Media Success for Real Estate Agents | 2017 [Strategies]

Social media has quickly become a huge part of society and the way we live our lives. Over the last few years people say that “if you didn’t share it on social media it didn’t happen.”

I’m sure some people will roll their eyes at that statement. But there is a lot of truth to it. We’ve all heard “don’t be a secret agent.” If you aren’t sharing your successes and your real estate journey with the people who already know you, you are missing out on a lot of potential business.

Now, there are only two possible reasons that you might still be rolling your eyes right now.

  • You will never be someone who enjoys posting on social media. This is not necessarily a bad thing… there are so many ways to be successful in this business.
  • You have tried using social media again and again with little to no success.

If you are in the second category, or if you’ve never fully attempted to use social media, then this article is for you!

Since there are so many forms of social media we are going to focus on the most widely used platform, Facebook. Here are my 10 tips on social media success for real estate agents.

1. Always come from a place of contribution

Providing value should always be your main focus when you post on Facebook. Whether this is in the form of comedy, a lesson you learned, or a post about helping someone, you want to choose your words wisely. Before you publish your next post, ask yourself, is this post providing value? If it is, then you are probably on the right track.

2. Always stay positive

What you cultivate in your life you will attract. If you are whining on social media platforms and creating negativity with your posts you will attract more negativity. There is a time and a place for complaining about a difficult transaction or an bad experience you had with someone, and it should be in a private setting. Not on one of the most public platforms ever created.

3. Follow the 80/20 rule… or at least something close to it

I have been told that 80% of Facebook posts should be personal and 20% should be business related for a balanced news feed. This can be difficult if real estate consumes most of your life. But the truth is, your friends on Facebook want to get to know you, as well as your real estate business. Try to mix it up and add some personal posts in between your real estate ones.

4. Don’t be generic, be creative!

Sharing links to your website and posting that you can help people sell their homes faster for more money is outplayed. IF you are going to use this statement, do it infrequently and use a captivating picture or an achievement to increase engagement with your post.

  • Share milestones.
  • Tell a story. 
  • If your buyer just settled on their new home, post a picture with them and tell everyone how grateful you are to be able to help your clients find their perfect new homes!
  • If your seller got multiple offers in 3 days, post a great picture of the house and tell everyone how excited you are for your seller.
  • If you learned an important lesson that will better help your clients in the future, go live on Facebook or create a short YouTube video telling people about it. But be sure to stay positive and on track with your message.
  • If you love your business because you can work from anywhere, post a picture of working from home in  your slippers, your favorite aspect of your home office or a picture of your computer at a local coffee shop. For a hidden message be sure to have the MLS up on your computer or something else business related so everyone can see!

5. Post testimonials

No matter if people are choosing a restaurant, a new piece of equipment or a professional to hire they usually check reviews before making a decision. How potential clients choose their real estate agent is no different. Making sure that past clients are leaving reviews for you on your Facebook business page, Zillow, etc. And once in a while be sure to post that review in quotations with a picture and tell everyone on Facebook how happy you are that you can make a difference in your client’s lives!

6. Friend everyone you have met, including prospective & current clients!

Delete those embarrassing posts from your news feed and clear out old pictures that should have never been taken in the first place. It’s time for you to start using Facebook as a database.

If you are sharing great content and regular posts about your business success, why wouldn’t you want prospective clients to see? It’s only going to further enforce the message that they should choose you as their Realtor! Personally, I have gained numerous clients because they saw my success on Facebook and therefore knew that they would be in great hands working with us.

7. Spend time every day connecting with people on Facebook

Just because you are effectively posting on Facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you will get business, or as much as you could be. Social media platforms have that name for a reason.

  • Be social!
  • Add everyone you know on Facebook and connect with them.
  • Private message people and congratulate them for recent achievements.
  • Comment on people’s pictures. 
  • Like people’s posts. 
  • Engage. 
  • Connect.

This business is all about building relationships. And if you can build them on social media you are just one step closer to achieving success!

8. Build a habit

Consistency is key, especially when you are looking to build a habit. Block out time on your calendar to post on Facebook. Even if it is just 10 minutes a day, be sure to commit time to it. It takes a while to build a presence. 

Think of it like farming. They say it takes 18 months to see a return on investment once you begin farming a neighborhood. Facebook is similar but it doesn’t take as long. Stick with it and you will see results. If it helps, you can even plan out your posts so that you know you are adding variation in what you are posting. There are Apps that can even help with this.

9. Build a brand

The goal is to use all of these points to build a positive and authentic brand for yourself on social media. For example, Homes with Julia is how people know me. I hashtag #homeswithjulia whenever I get the chance. I frequently share posts from my Homes with Julia business page and I created a logo for a streamlined message. I am very intentional about what I post and I focus on consistency in my message. And it works!


10. Be Authentic, Be Yourself

Inauthenticity stands out like a sore thumb. Pretending to be someone you aren’t isn’t going to help you achieve what you want. Make sure that the person you are portraying on social media is the real you. Be honest and you will naturally attract like minded people.

Depending on your personality and the amount of business you want, you can incorporate more detailed strategies like Facebook advertising or boosted posts. This article was meant to give you the basics so that you can set yourself up to hit the ground running! Good luck and happy posting!